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What is a factory farm?

Characterized by a dense population of animals raised on limited land and requiring large amounts of food, water and medical inputs.

How does the USDA classify the size of a farm?

If the farms is less than five acres

Which organizations would like to convince the public that factory farms are the rule and not the exception? Chipotle Hsus and PETA


What’s untrue about the argument that animals raised on factory farms are injured and deformed? Or that farmers don’t care for their animals? They have no proof that the animals are abused or not cared for, this is also something that happens even on family farms some animals become injured just like everything in the world that moves.

Confinement operations are associated with “factory farming”.  Activists seem to believe that the confinement is to “keep the atrocities of what’s going on inside the barn from being seen by the public”.  What’s the real reason? They are confined to be kept comfortable so they dont die of heat stroke in the hundred degree heat or -20 degree freezing weather.

Now – read this article.

Give me some specifics on how the author says they raise their hogs. They said they raise their hogs the same way their parents and grandparents did and they provide care for them every day and make their lives as best as they can. What technologies do they employ? They use automatic feeders and temperature controls. What do these practices result in? An easier way to care for their animals. Are there other benefits the author notes about raising animals in confinement systems? Yes you can control the diseases and food they eat much better.

What percent of farms in American are family owned and operated? 98%